Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is just a teaser for you guys, although the next post is not related to this one..hueh3...

Anyway, here you go, my formula :

Bread Nutella Spread style + HL Milk.

It really hits the spot, instead of typing, imma give you guys some pictures of it.  P!

Oh and how do you eat it? First of all, bite the bread, and immediately drink the milk but dont swallow it just yet, let the milk and the bread + Nutella blend together in your mouth.  That is gangsta and for real.  Please do try it.





Sparrow_Wing said...

You've been tagged!


Sparrow_Wing said...

BTW, I noticed you like to eat ayam penyet. Dude, you've gotta try eating the ayam penyet at Wong Solo. It is da bomb! Seriously the sambal is the typical Indon dry style. It's FIERCELY HAWT! As in burn your tongue 'til steam comes outta yer ears hawt! And it's got balado terong and tempe goreng as well as tauhu goreng that is the shiznits! XD Go eat there fi you ever have the time. It's right behind Jakel at sec 7. But it's a bit pricey...RM10.90 per plate but well worth your money! :)