Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roti Doll

Roti Doll

I can't remember where did i eat this but I am pretty sure it was next to a road, where there is a Petronas Gas Station opposite of this food stall building.  First of all, the unique thing about this Roti Canai is that the fryer placed the Egg "Bull's Eye" style on top of the Roti Canai.  So basically it is not Roti Tampal.  What is Roti Tampal?Well Roti Tampal is quite similar but the egg is placed inside of the Roti Canai.  Come to think about it, it sounds impossible, but yeah, ask the lord bro.  Anyway, this is a new place, the building was new, i am sorry that i forgot about where it is located but for those who live in Perlis.  There are two ways for you to go to Alor Setar, there is the highway, the other one is the Kampung way.  In order for you guys to get to this place, tak the Kampung way.

Anyway about the Roti Doll, i like it!  The moment when you break the centre of the egg, the yolk will pour out combined with the kuah banjir, that would really hit the spot.  G Spot.  It is really good, i think it is because of the mixture of the egg yolk and the egg, really nice man.  I think if i had it for my bfast, double climax.  PEace!

Review: 7/10
Recommended to those who like: All sorts of Roti Canai and Mamak's cooking


J.R. said...

To be specific the restaurant name is Restaurant Mee Sham it was located at Jalan Anak Bukit (Pantai Johor) to Gunung Keriang.. on your left hand side after Petronas Station on your right hand side..

Anonymous said...

cawangan baru restoran mee farok di jalan hutan kampung,dekat dengan hospital sultanah yang sama disediakan.jom kita serbu roti doll restoran mee farok!