Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rm 22 Hari Raya Cookies


Hey, I am helping out a 진구(friend) of mine to sell off her cookies.  Let me tell you why the Boodah qualifies this ad because the Boodah would not approve just any random cookies to be in his Blog if it is 맛덥서요(tastes bad).  Basically these are my thoughts about the cookies because i have been eating it since the lasts 4 Rayas.

1.  It is Crispy

2.  It tastes good with Milk/Coke

3.  It is Crispy

4.  The price and the quantity is sweet (RM 22 for 88 Cookies, thats a STEALLLL!)

5.  It is Crispy

Well, as you can see, there are three Crispys, this is because it is the truth, the cookies are crispy and fresh.  Even if you keep it for 3 months the crispiness remains.

So what the hell are you waiting for, PM me on facebook Zarif or Cuna to place your  order now.

*Any purchase will be delivered right in front of your door using the Pos Laju Service.

Again I am reminding you, RM 22 for  quality cookies, it's a STEALLLLLLLLL.

Please do leave comments if there is any questions that you would like to ask.


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