Sunday, August 7, 2011

Philips Electronic Shaver

At first i wanted to write a review on Las Vacas, but the thought that i am full, i just can't.  
So yesterday was quite hell, we (Mom and I) had to wait for the car since it was sent to the garage.  

Abah wandered somewhere so i think he didn't have a problem facing that time.  I spent for like 6 godamn hours in the G Hotel lobby which we didn't check in in the first place.  So, i used my time wisely to browse around for a good shaver which is a normal thing to do.  

I always wander why do people would rather get a shaver instead of an electronic shaver.  It cuts cost.  I remember last time i had to buy 3 catridges(which comes in a set) for Rm 35.  How the fudge can i cope with that.  Thank god, this bad boy saved my life.  Check this nigga out.

Haha i never thought picasa would make shit looks good in photo editing.  Thank you!

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