Thursday, August 11, 2011

James & Dame

It has been quite some  time that i didn't give props to my homies.  So i guess now is the time.  Well, recently, there's been a few cats hanging around my house, and currently there are two permanent cats, their names are James and Dame.

These cats are lucky cause they have been eating Basmati Rice, that is costly!  It was some leftovers, but still, Cats eating Basmati, that is sicckkkkkk.

I remember last time i fried Ikan Turbok's Head to Dame and Grey, it feels good to see them eat some fresh food, as if these guys are my guests.  Well i got a few flicks of James and Dame.  So check it out you punks!

James the cool cat 
James & Dame by the Pond

The Cat's Hut

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