Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food for Thought- Literally

No, it is okay to look, as you can see there is no obscene photos of food or whatsoever. Since it is sahur right now, i have decided to keep it fresh and clean. This time it's

As a hardheaded cereal head, i can tell what is wrong with the milk in no time. I've been eating cereals since 1996, lunch, dinner, breakfast, that's whatsup.

So the problem about this milk is that, if eat it for the first or the second month the taste is okay, just like other milk. But when it comes to the third month i could tell that the taste is different than the last time. what the shit...

I do not know whether if it is a human nature, but all i know is the taste is not that constant. Weird shit. Of course the milk is not bad you dumbass. I was just discussing regarding the inconstant taste. Peace! Bigups to Koko Krunch, Choco Chex, Milo(1990-2009), Trix, the old cereal collection!!

Something to ponder upon.

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