Saturday, July 2, 2011


You guys do know my obsession towards Durian aka Lulian, so i have decided to shoot a few vids while my dad was dealing with the Lulian Uncle.  He was nice and honest, that is the key for a good business.  Sometimes, there are bastards who sell Durians dishonestly, these kind of bitcheswould lie to you saying the Durian is good and all that jazz.  And then when the Dad opens it to feed the family, KABLAM!  total shitty bad Durian.  Godamn these kind of guys.  You're a piece of shit btw.  Anyway,

 The main thing is, as a buyer, don't get blurred by looking at those cheap Durian prices, its the dude who is selling that counts.  Check this video homebua!  A tribute to the Fruit King!  Im satisfied with this Uncle, he did a great job  in providing LUlian.

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