Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heading back to Perlis

Hello and what is up homes!  Me?  Well, let me break it down to you

  • Class-Checked
  • Finals-Checked
  • Godamn MIP-Godamn Checked
  • Flight tickets to Perlis-All day checked!

So to make things clear, currently I am at the LCCT airport, i know i am like 9 hours early because my flight is at 7.00 AM but I am at the Airport,  which currently makes the time11.49 PM to be exact.  Now that is the definition of "Early Bird".  Anyway, I am happy, that matters!  Seriyass, it has been like what? 3 months, since i hit back to my hood Perlis.  I miss all the greatness that Perlis can offer me like no other places, except for Korea hua3.  Currently my eyes are flickering due to lack of sleep, last nite i slept like 1 hour trying to complete the MIP project, and my day goes on till this present time, me typing shit.  It's like this bitches will always tryna get at ya when you think that everything is over.  I know i have been saying "Git at me" like constantly, but i don't mean literally...  Godamn this "mini mop truck", it just passed right next to me.  I guess i gotta move from my spot.  Holy shit, is like everything around me is trying to "Git at me"...(moving), nah not yet, he did not give me the "piss of sign".  So basically the first thing that i would like to have in Perlis tomorrow is the infamous "Rodi Telur".  Prolly persuade mimi(mom) to eat there since it is mother's day.  So anyway  that is it, a little update for you miscreants out there.  Later.  Haha, btw, the "mini mop truck" tried to threaten me, by moving like really close to me, well, alrite man, i'll backthefakap...Here are a few flicks and pics of what's goin on in the building.

The damn "mini mop truck"

The Airport

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