Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eaun Tong Kedai Kopi, A legacy, A tribute

Hey whatsup you little miscreants!  What's happening?  Well, i've been chilling in Perlis for almost 1 week now.  Enjoying the good life and the good food.  It is good to be with my fam, too bad my niggas aka brothers ain't here.  Thus, i find that i have plenty of time to do stuffs, so i've decided to make a tribute to Eaun Tong Kedai Kopi, Bad Ass Meal real talk.  Enjoy the science cause i even got him to show how to make the dope Egg on Toast!  So you don't know what I am mumbling about?  Click on dis first!  Video Later. Eaun Tong Kedai Kopi

Do holler at me if i you're somewhere around Perlis.   I'll hook you up with Eaun Tong real talk.

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