Monday, April 11, 2011

That's Whatsup !


I've been working on this template last night, i really need a dope design, But keep it simple.

I've tried tie dye, skittles, i liked the tie dye, it looks dope but its quite quite porak poranda. Reject.

Currently i just woke up and, my head is spinning,and i had 2 peanuts that i left under my pillow (Aiman gave it to me lastnite)

Wanted to eat them last nite but i've brushed my teeth. I really despise the act of brushing your teeth

multiple times in a day(4times is okay but not when i am already on the bed, massive sleeping mode turnoff).

It's not really good and it hurts your gums. No, I am not talking about your

Wrigley's or Dentyne gums i am talking about gusi homes. Okay, this leads to nowhere. Good Morning

people. Practice fresh breath and keep your teeth clean. Salam

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