Sunday, April 17, 2011


So today i would like to discuss on 2 matters, nahh, make that 3. Me all about gettin' organized ya seen?

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Since tomorrow we would have to submit our RM(Research Methodology), we woke up right away feeling like ass trying to repair any errors, at least thats what i did. Again i really am annoyed with this pain in my mouth. There are two possibilities for this pain: (1) Growing a new tooth. (2)I swear too much. (3)God is trying to diminish my sins(hua3). Whatever the shit it is, i am grateful for everything. Anyway had Kayu just now, the meat was the ish! I wanted to try Kambing just now but it was so godamn expensive! $6.80 per meat for pete's nuts sake! Other than that, the weather was extremely hot! Hotter than you in your briefs, for real. Other than that its all good. Other than that i met the regular kets. That's triple "other than that" for you guys haha. Man, come to think of the clothes that i have to wash, it is going to be a massive pain, i can't just wash all of them one shot since the pail is small. Another good reason that i should just hand it to the laundry is because there are "shirt snatchers" aka barua stealing all the clothes. In total, i lost like 5shirts & 1Tshirt. Now tell me that is an appropriate reason for me to snap this mafaka's head.

Kolej Teratai

How would you feel waking up in the morning, head to the toilet, wash you face, next to the sink is a pile of fresh cat's shit, laying exactly in the sink next to you? To be honest, i laughed cause that shit was hilarious, i mean to be in that particular situation. It was so sick yet it was funny as hell! Haha. You can't never imagine what i've been through, tougher than watching a gay porn, be it softcore or hardcore. This is what i really want to indulge into, writing about Tertatai's toliet. Toilet level 6(my level), as i explained earlier, there's cat's shit in the sink, clearly the atmosphere smells like shit. So i went down to the lower level, level 5, where i was hoping the toilet would be betterrr butfakinnn hellno! It smells like shit, the intervention between men's shit and cat's shit, you will never would want to be in my situation, especially in the morning! I mean, why is it that the toilet has to be so disgusting? I can't comprehend that totally.. So just now around 8.00pm i went to level 4..imagine that, all i want is to bathe in a clean toilet, i had to go two levels below (comprehend that!). From level 6 to level 4. Amazingly, it does really feel like home, the toilet was clean! The shower was sick! I saw this guy who just shitted a few minutes ago, and i went into the same "booth", guess what? no odor the shit is that real? Real talk, level 6 & 5 toilet can kiss my ass. I've found my paradise bitches!

This is a long ass post, haha bare with me niggas, i ain't got time for this shit. So below would be a few photos of Kets in Teratai 5. I got 2 mommies kets, 1 old ket aka "Tiger" and 1 loner ket, thats that. Heres the photos.

The Kiger(Ket X Tiger)

Don't judge a ket by it's picture, this ket is a good ket i'll tell you that. And he is HUGE, word is born that he came from Mawar, i would say he migrated from Mawar as kets are smart animals. You might think that he is scary judging by its size.

This loner ket came from somewhere i have no knowledge of. There are a few pregnant kets but mostly just recently delivered their kittens. She's quite mischief.

As you can see, that's a customize family tree, made by myself. A ket yang dianugrah with three black kittens.

Moo Ket

Another customized shit, the new mother ket in the building! four kitteh!

That is a wrap!


cuna_cuni said...

it's other 'than' that. not then laaa. ooo i takde pegi makan mahal2 ye..

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

pe ? you despise Kayu remember!!