Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roti Impitz-Chocolate Bubble and Hat Thug

Hey whadup, this would one of those days where me and my homies would rock the Law Faculty, to be exact,
every Thursday 4-4.15pm, a gap, waiting for Ustaz.

Hotdog/Blackpepper/cheese/-RM 2.50
Chocolate Bubble Shake/Mocha/Cappucinno-Rm3.00

Again, i don't really appreciate Bubble drinks cause, its just natural, its me. However, again, this changed
my perception towards Bubble drinks. Even my lecturer Dr. Azni gave props to the drink. Haha. Well i have
to say that it is not really that good, but if you have been through a rough day, classes from 8am-6pm, this really hits the spot.
Of course, along with the Hot Thug aka Hot Dog( nothin special bout the dogs, the buns are soft though)
. It's just my way of enunciation really. DONE!


cuna_cuni said...

i hate the bubble drink. because i hate the bulat bulat pearls. they are disgusting. blegh

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

I think you're a crazy person. The pearls are the best!

Eryna Siti Farah Binti Eddy Yusof said...

kat UIA pun ade jugak zarif. tapi belum sempat nak try. hehehe. nanti nak try ah. macam sedappp je :P

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...
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Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

serious lu kena try fara...boleh tahan la...