Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restoran MMZ - Satay Shamsuri & Nasik Lemak Ayam

Location- Bukit Jelutong
Satay Ayam
Price= RM0.70
Satay Daging

So i just had my dinner just now, it was quite decent.  seven sticks of satay(chicken & beef), and goddamn  my mouth hurts big time.  I am confident to say that there is another tooth climbing it's way through my gums, and no, its not Dentyne or Wrigleys gums, but mouth gum.  Nahmean?  Anyway the Satay, i have to say it beats the crap out of Haji Shamsuri's Satay real talk.  When i mention real talk, it means mos def, and mos def means most definitely for all you ignorant punks out there.  The kuah kachang(keep it classic spelling) was dope and the size was just nice.  Definitely worth it.  Furthermore, i even managed to interview the dude behind the sticks!  The creator!  Where can you get this interview?Only here homey, Zarifstale realtalk!  Peep the interview people-

The Man behind the sticks! Wak Stikap Meats/Chicks aka MBS!
*Basically this was how it went down(its just a rough memory that i have):

Z-Zarif & MBS- Man Behind Sticks

Z-Bapak, di hari yang dingin ni sedap ya menjamah satay ini.  Pandai bapak bikinnya.

MBS-Ala bisalah. Bapak ambil resipi asli, datangnya dari Indon.

Z-Kiranya, sama seperti Haji Shamsuri ya?

MBS-Iya, cumanya, Haji Shamsuri itu, hanya pekerja biasa.  Tapi dianya curi itu resipi, dan bikin kedai nya sendiri.

Z-Real talk? Okay2, trima kasih ya bapak.


Nasik Lemak Ayam

The thing that i dig this Nasik Lemak Ayam is because the chicken was fresh!  And the sambal was good.  That is all it takes to be a dope nasik lemak.  Then why the hell, do you guys still serve cold dishes, even though the saying goes "revenge is a dish best served cold", well i ain't into that shit.  Well thats a wrap.  Holler at me bitches.

Vocab of the Post :

Mos Def - Most definitely

Real talk - Seriously/Really mean it

Homey - Friend

Dig -  Like

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