Monday, April 11, 2011

Kets in Act 1

Another new/dope section that i have come up with just a few seconds ago!

Pictures of Cats! These felines really know how to act weirdly for some reason, and i would like to give props to them

so i think it would be cool if i post up what i have in my collection. I'll post a pic like once a week, or month etc.

You guys can share some too if you like, just let me know and i'll hook you up.


-Description(not too long or i'll pimp slap you)
-Cat (it would dope if the cat is acting in a weird manner)
-it can even be a Eulogy

So this would be my very first post for "Kets in Act", lets appreciate these gangstas!

Name- Yellow Ket(Literally)

Haha, this kitten is so dope! I can't really tell whether is this natural or what cause it feels so real.
Who knows, prolly God sent down a generation of yellow kittens, this is one of them.

Thats that!

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