Friday, April 22, 2011

Itu Lulian

We gangstas really are hardcore-fans of Lulian aka Durian. 

We cut throats for Durian

We slit throats for Durian

We snap your neck for Durian

Please do watch this vid till the end if you're into Miss A!  A little surprise for the K-Pop fans!

That's the spirit! Git at us! This particular spot was at Seksyen 7. So there were me, Apek and Kd, at first it was raining, but that did not break our spirit.  We crashed that place despite it smelled like cat's poo when we first sat there( it's weird right? We even got Cat's poo in the toilet, it is just "uncomprehendable"). Apek shared his Lulian experience when he was in MRSM. Peep the science bitch!

*This vid is like 2 weeks old, due to the internet connection, i was unable to upload it right away until 1 hour ago where i had to go to the Mutiara CC, Sec2)


mirah said...

bnyk gila korang mkan lulian...hahaha

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

lulian sedap!