Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ayam Penyet(Padang Jawa) - Ayam Penyek & Extra Juice

Location: Padang Jawa, Shah Alam


Ayam Penyek-Sambai-Cucumber          

 Juice Extra Strawberry & Original 
Rice-Cucur Udang(indon style)

Ayam Penyek (close up)

The restaurant

Ayam Penyek + Rice + Drink 
Price = RM 5.00

*Before i commence, put yourself in a situation, sitting in a Warung or Kedai Makan, not the fancy one, eating, waiting for your food or (whatever the shit that you're doing), and all of a sudden, there's this pungent smell that would come and go for like 4 seconds, and 12 mins after that, it's filling up the atmosphere again.  I think i am the only person that brought this matter out while others try to act as if there's nothing happen.  Seriously, is it just me or what? Share with me as we can alarm the public with this dopest finding.  

nOw Presenting....Ayam Penyek!!!

If any of you guys have ever visited Indonesia, and tried the Ayam Penyek there, you can tell that the "AP Ayam Penyet" sucks real talk.  In addition to that, their so called " Teh Indonesia", seriously, that is a scam, i once asked the waiter whether if it is the real Indonesian drink, and guess what, i was scammed, we were scammed!  

This one, the chicken is Garing and it is fresh!  Seriously they would serve you the chicken, and you would have to go and grab the Nasik yourself (you ain't the bawss homey).  Add up any gravy which is your preference.  Like me, i like to keep the gravy light, cause later i would add up some Kicap aka soy sauce...  I also took some Indonesian Cucur Udang, it tastes quite good actually, it is like Bergedil, but squary version.  Lastly, the Sambal, it is the shit!  It is not too spicy and not too sweet, now that is a good combination.  Yes, i know that i am a fan of spicy food, however Ayam Penyek ain't suppose to be too spicy, because it is meant to be the way that i explained earlier, and if you have a problem with me guess what?  GIT AT ME!  

This is the highlight!  The drink!  Extra Juice aka Grape Yoghurt!  It tastes definitely like Vitagen but this is the Kampung version.  I know, you don't get it..well, let me explain.  The taste is quite sour at first, but then, you'll be driven into this sweetness flavor that would tantalize your taste buds, BUT!! its not that Pekat, like Yoghurt, i mean, literally Yoghurt.  You know what i mean right? It is like eating rice while drinking High Fat Milk, not a good combination...This yoghurt is just nice.  I am really craving for it right now, real talk.

Vocabs of the post:

Git at me - Get at me ( gangster style, where you would want a person to meet you up face2face)

It's the shit - It is really good!



Kalif said...

Good damn lookin fiya man! Next time gua pi lu kena bawak! Skali payung gua haha

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

real talk, lu mai, wa bawak..dok buat payung lebih

poji said...

eyh muke ak ngn moto ak..btw kepak pala hang haha

Anonymous said...

hang style kurang ajar..


Anonymous said...

i've tasted ayam penyet here. it was nice. but seriously, you should try ayam penyet wong solo!!! it's uncomparable to any other ayam penyet!!! the sambal is great, plus, it is served with balado terong which i can say seriously sedappp!!! plus it's also served with salad, cucumber, tahu and tempe. you should try, like seriously!! once you try it, you'll crave for more :) do tell me if you've tasted ayam penyet wong solo :)btw, it is situated at sec 7, behind old town, it's the green kedai.

Anonymous said...

i've tried this one too!!the sambal was good..i kinda enjoyed the sambal but kinda dissapointed they didn't serve it with tauhu and tempe..but overall everything is nice!!
BUT,i agree with the previous comment!!go ahead and try at wong solo!!everything is like pure made from Indonesia(maybe)..the sambal is awesomely pedas and everything is nice!!You should go and try!And it comes with a's worth the money,imma tell u that!