Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KFC-Toasted Pocketful & Eggtarts

So this is my recent discover, KFC Toasted Pocketful & Eggtarts.

I am still not sure of the specific name for the Toasted Pocketful, cause it sounded weird.

Toasted Pocketful
Price= RM 10.10(set)

In my opinion i would say the actual look basically didn't turn me on, in a eating manner kind of way.
The first bite was also not that great, same goes to the next bite and the other. I would say that, things
get juicier when you get into the middle part of it. Oh i forgot to mention that, there's chicken's thigh,
chicken bacon(quite chewy) & corns. Benar, jagung. I recommend that you better grab a Zinger Burger. NUFF SAID!

Price=RM 1.80 each

Basically i am not a fan of. Props to Cuna and her hand(in the pic) for introducing me to this kind of food.
Anyway, i still find it weird to eat egg with "bakery" all over it.
But this one somehow changed my perception. ITS IT SWEET!! It tastes like
croissant with sweet eggs! It didn't even taste like egg! Sorry for the exaggeration,
it does taste like egg, but i promise you, this is a good one! Like first time watching softcorepornation.

Thank you!

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