Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eaun Tong Kedai Kopi- Perlis(Back in the Dayz)

I would like to break it down back to memory lane.

The days where me and my homies would have breakfast like every day. Recording Underground shit and such.
Shout out to my niggaz Irwan, Don, Naim, Yana, Ain & Thane. Good shit i must say.

Rodi Telur(Roti Telur)
Price=RM 1.80 per set(can't remember)

The first time that i had this kind of Bfast was in Penang, the place is called Celah. Literally because its in the middle of the 2 shops. I have to say it was quite sick! They would use charcoal to toast the bread. However, that is Celah, this is Eang Tong.

So basically Eang Tong is an oldschool kopitiam. The place where my dad would hangout. Sick place. Anyway about the
kopitiam, Uncle(the chef) would toast the bread by using an oldschool toaster, i am talking about the 1980's!
The bread that he uses is thick, but not that thick, so the thickness is quite perfect.
The egg is also perfect because that is the prominent part! You can't just boil it, it requires skill cause sometimes the egg might be too hard and sometimes too runny, so we don't want that, at least i dont. And i promise you, if you have ever ate something like "Egg on Toast" from Pak Li or Old Town, those are the shitty egg on toast! You have to try this one, which is located in Kangar, Perlis! Represent!

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