Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey whatsup people and parents.
Man, I think it is quite some time that i have left this dusty old blog.
So okay whatever, now i am in Part 3, LGB3C, it stands for Akademi Pengajian Bahasa.
So i have just finished my assignment, mann, it was pretty crazy.
5 pages, full of pragmatics niggas. I've been working on it with Kd and Aiman
from 10pm till 5am. Students' life nigga. At times like this, i feel like wearing
one of those Student's Life tshirt. haha wack shit.
Anyway, tomorrow is Cuna's big day,DRAMA Day.
Hmm, any updates about me? I've started a new hobby for like the last 3 months, skating.
Unfortunately had to pause for awhile since there are tons of assignments sodomizing me and my crew. You know, it doesn't feel good when you're doing something you enjoy while at the back of your head your head can't stop thinking about your assignments. Well again, give me one of those Student's Life tshirt man haha.
So i guess, that is it. Pento good luck for you.
And congrats to my nigga Dment winning the freestyle battle. Stay fresh niggas.


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