Saturday, January 23, 2010


Salam, Wahsap !!WHAT IS UP ! what it do! so sudden eh...
hehe, anyway, let me write my current report..

Zarif Ismail, 2nd sem, Degree in Linguistic, Uitm

So, thats whats sup.. Last sem result? That ain't something thats up..
but it's ok, it's a learning experience to me. This sem is going to be different,
less play.. alrite, more play and more educated stuff. (Btw, i posted my Scooter aka Morgan, so F u haters) haha. Effin random. Anyway, today is DMent's birthday,Dment and Birthday ? sounds manja u Fhead. haha.. anyway, happy birth day to u. And, i think thats it, and btw, I have to repeat Kesat. What a beach. Hopefully everything goes well this sem and this year. Any my relationship with FAT CAT would grow better day by day. Hmm, any new shit? i have a pair of TK Society and again F U haters haha..damn, im out of words of wisdom. So thats it, kali ni, i janji, i will ke my blog updated faggots. Alrite that is it. EASAYHHHHH..

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