Saturday, January 23, 2010

Muiz Roslin

Salam. This time is about my late homey, Muiz Roslin.

Sup dude, haha, sometimes i get emo when i think about you. like rite now. But thats
not what this post is all about. I'm just reminiscing about the stuff that we used to do.
Calling you Clay Aiken was funny and u and ur lame jokes was not funny but it was the lame part, that was the joke i guess haha, and thanks for understanding me, its just for fun, nothing serious.
And yeah, im glad that Me, Apek n Kd brought u to Mid Valley, u told us it was ur first time going out to Mall
with your friends rite? And i'm proud and honored to do that. And btw dude, ur tag up in Midvalley is still there,
remember u used my marker. Lot of memories bro. Alrite, i think that's it, may u rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.
I miss u man.


Anonymous said...

This is sad Zarif. All of a sudden its all coming back. Rindu Muiz..-kina-

Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

yeah, even though we became friends for 1 semester, it was big impact.

Anonymous said...

June 2014. Masih n sentiasa diingati. Respect