Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been a long time...

U know what, so i today i woke up early again and went to the fac. I got an appointment with this doc regarding my course and yeah, gotta do what i gotta do...hmm..haha, so here i am, at the INTEC library cc..NERDS... EVERYWHERE!!ahaha kiddin yo! what? u wanna say sumthin!?u wanna say sumthin beach! haaa....neway, after reading my old post and previous shiet...haha man i've been thru a lot..and im glad that i wrote all dat memories here man...especially the time with my friends and guitars and shiet...and suddenly BAM!i have a new life in is sweet!so yeah, later i got to go and meet my hunny and sec 2..she's waiting for me at the cc...aku cinta pada mu sampai mati..haha...anway,yup actually we're supposed to, i mean the whole class, there was supposed to be a writing class..we did our essay, and dc hanim wants to see it...then suddenly she canceled cool..we cool...but it's pretty cool here in intec!...Cold AS F yo! seriyass shiett i ain't playing..there was once this nerdy boy reading freezed to death..cause of death: COLD AS F!...shiettt..hahah nahh i guess i gotta bounce yo...oh and dat nite at cloth n was decent...triniti rock that shit, blow dat shiet and we knocked dat shiet!eat shiet!AJALL says....haha u know, we rocked it baphomet style...i forgot half of my verse...thats pretty fucked up...okok...AJALL forgotten shiet..ok?but yeah, im proud to represent triniti and perlis...we're the only bitches who combine metal and hip hop in malaysia yo!one of the first i guess..hahah...ok cool...u cool?but still, the INTEC library is cooler brah..u hav to admit that brah...u better use ur puma brah..u know why puma?cause Ajall is rocking that new high cut shiet first round sketch!thanks to JAH...hahaha..nah man..oh speaking of hunny owes me eh rasta beanie in crazeecausa...i tak lupe ok..i want dat beanie..u thats it for bdak class b ni buat kalut dah tanya ada class ka tak...u know going to hang myself to death..heyy...i feel typing too...damn im good at this shiet...i mean, all this typing stuff..thanks to cikgu hashim, he tot me how to type fast and the right way of typing ..u the man hashim!hahah hanya bergurau cikgu hashim, ianya hanya gurauan ...haha...later yo!

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