Friday, February 13, 2009

We cool?

Yeah, we are...haha, nahh, cant think of a title is beautiful.. is Cunarudin..hehe...i love u btw..anyway..again, lama tak blog..pretty busy these past few days, chillling here and there..sometimes u'll just meet me at some place out of nowhere..haha
how random but cool...anyway, yup life is beautiful...not my pocket tho, i gotta save some money..Gotta start eating at that stall near sec 2...Abg kal call it Nasik Kucing..haha..cause last time he went there, there was a dead cat in front of the stall, and its freaking dead! Eventho it might sound disgusting, but its not, and its freaking cheap..tell me where can you guys get this, Nasi putih, ikan keli, lots of sayoq(veges),and chicken, and whatever shits that u want to eat for only Rm 3?maybe Rm 4, but i can say that, it's under Rm 5...haaa...Use your brain homeh and Fags! What chu wanna say bout dat?beeeyuuttcchhhh....what the hell, why am i so excited about this stall anyway?it ain't my stall, i aint getting the profits...-_-'...whatever..
in conclusion..i'm out!..oh...latahhhhhh

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