Monday, February 23, 2009

sambai = cili

F word...
haha, whatsup whats bad whats good homey!
my nose is on the run currently..(runny nose)
damn, but its cool, my dear Izyanhusna is taking care of me..
hehe, thanks syg,..Syukur we're together..
anyway, yup, nothin much, haritu went to eat chilis with sygku..
hoi! gempak seyh! New York Strip, n that Lamb Shoulder..
don't mess around homey...that shiet is the shiet bitch!beyuttcchhhhhh!
haha mmg sdap tahap kata2 kesat..haha
man, seriously i miss the garlic bread, of course, the damn STeak!!
i keep it pretty bloody, so it makes the shiet go shiettier..u know what i mean?haha
i wish uitm supplies that kind of shiet, but still,it would be cool if i get to eat dat errday..naiss

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