Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Again..The Kult Of ABCs is aliveee!!!!

After for quite sometime on the internet, i kept on viewing on this blog, and that blog..
laughed at it, spit at it, pimp slap it...whatever i'm saying... The thing is..yeahhh im back to blogging yo!
Sumpah lama gila tak write...A lot of stuff that i've been thru, from good times to bad times..
Love story...Izyanhusna..she's my angel..2nd semester, yup2..Tesl of course still, no new faces..same old same old
same quantity of homo-sapiens, nothing i miss blogging seyhhh...seyhhh!!!
hehe btw, here are some pics...u know what they say, pics describe 1000 words or shiet like that..sumpah tak igt..u know,when you got more pics the present of words became scarce, sprinkle some sleepiness on top of it.. then u know how it is...

Mira's birthday-class b

TeamMate-Back From Indon

    Love Story! YAY!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!!! poyo la gambaq last skali

KuCaLaNa said...

tu la.
like illegal.
macam haram.