Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ramdan Seyh!

Hey ho!!!'s been so freaking lama i haven't write stuff..
but whatever, shiett its already like 10 days kot we all fast rite?
i mean for the muslims, and for the non muslims its cool tho..if u guys wanna
fast just go ahead, like my christian friend, he fast for the first day, then the 2nd day he convert to a muslim...hahaha...fokain A!nah man, racial shiet aite?or religion emo stuff whatever..but anyway, yeah, pasar ramdan is like so seblah my kolej..turun kona kanan sudahh..dey got nasik lemak, kasi letak ayam gulai like and kacang lebeyh sumpah sedap tak tipu..other than that, since im done with my malaysian studies presentation shiet my life doesn't sucks dah...its heaven...oh yeah..forgot to mention about the air anggur aka grape juice..sumpah sedap..its like sour then sweet then sour cant wait lah nak buka posa...and back to work..assignments are like right behind my ass..waiting for the sodomy thingy..hahah...what i mean is, there's like tonnes of assignment waiting for me...lepas tu raya...haha
alrite dudes and boobs...laterrr and sumpah i miss lagu ni...setitisetitisetitik tinta!!!sial...malas nak upload lak..later

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Hunkiecrush said...

bajet assignment leh sodomize
haha. :p