Sunday, August 3, 2008

YOU GUYS!!!!I WENT TO HEAVEN LAST NITE!!!!ITS IN MCPA!!!!Caliban performed like hell!!!!and yeah props to the
local act too!!!they freaking rock the stage!!!My favy Cassandra, REvenge..sum rock and roll shit!!!and hell yeah
it was dope.!!!we all screamed for more and they gave us 1 more!!hahah yeah,the guitar solos and what not!!
damn i am gonna miss last nite....yeah i stood on the stage!!man it was cool as shiet!!!!damnit...wanted to crowd surf but
im afraid that i might lose my phone and wallet so, just chill down there...hahah...i touched caliban's vocalist!!!!!!!holly molly it was decent and cool!!!caliban is like the greatest shiet ever...and FYI this is my first metalcore show i've been to...
damn despite the sweaty situation and the heaty situation...its still heaven!!!!hahah..anyway,later u guys..
im getting lazy dah...holler!!!

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