Sunday, August 24, 2008

1 week cuti...

Hey whatsup mama baby mama...holy hell, what the hell am i saying
but anyway yeah, i went back to Perlis for 1 week since its the mid sem break..
it was fun..i miss my fam and whatnot....whatever...

Anyway during the holidays, yeah, went to was fun i mean.
Mimi(mom)chix usually say its cute when i tell em i call my mom mimi...but whatever -_-
hahaha...anyway mimi was looking for some adventurous activities like hiking, snorkeling and whatnot
shud i say as usual???yea,as usual my dad, abah buat hal..hahah
mimi was like, eh jom naik bukit tu...abah saw the bukit and he was like...holy hell..."takpa la i tunggu kat bawah"
u talked about cycling 28 kilos and whatnot and now u prefer to stay down there??....okayyyy..u got ur own reasons i guess..
hahah but yeah, im cool with it...still love u guys daddy-o and mimi-o...u guys are theee beeyessttt...

Anyway,now im in Shah Alam, last time i missed this damn place and now...i wanna go home...cuti cepat gla!
but whatever, i had fun so it was cool...soooo, back to class,assignments..haihhhhhh

okok later u fags!!
quote of the day :" what the freakin hell"
u guys..please watch dat vid up there..lawak siall

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