Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uitm..yeah im rite thurr

Yes YEs Yes...Me be at Uitm yo!And Yeah i know,ive been here for like already
2 weeks kot?i registered on 28th july and here i am...let me break it down to u guys..and gals..whatever...The Orientasi Week is WEAK as F!Serious man,i mean gotta tuck in ur shirts and shiet...24/7 slacks, i cant even wear a damn tshirt..haih...almost breakdown weyh,feels like OBS sial..and the food,gotta say it sux,but wtf its now over!!im FREE!!FREE!!!PHREE!!
Lets talk about my college which is Meranti,idk why the call it college when its like a place where the student live,idk prolly idk nothing...but holy hell,meranti is the Decent-ness college i guess..
The room,we gotta share like 6 peeps in one room,and theres toilet in the room, THANK YOU GOD!!but the sucky part is the shitting part...Its not the sit kinda toilet bowl,its the squat type of toilet bowl, and yes i hate it but what to do..i cant hold shit like 4 or 5 months then go home and shiet...its disgusting and the shit will harden and it will only cause you problem..thats what my science teacher told i disgusting or its just education??okayy...
but cmon, all the squatting part is like melenguhkan kaki mishh homee!!!
but its cool tho,i can cope with all dis shit...i mean not just the shiet part...i mean the whole thing,the university life and what not...its fun!!again not the shiet part, i mean the whole thing... -_-...but anyway,yeah class was cool, get to know a lot of people...i used to be all mute and stuff,but rite now,im playing the game yaw!!!ya yaww!!!hahah, man never thought its gonna be this fun..Talking about fun,there's a link between fun and financial...u see..when u hav a lot of fun,ur financial section will kinda like drop...nah mean?damn i need money man..but i still got money rite now..there's a lot of stuff to buy,such as Obey's bracelet,Obey's T-shirt....damn,sorry im not focusing..i mean,Dictionary,Stationary,books,Muet stuff and other "educational Stuff"...
So obviously University Students or College Students are just like those indie bands...
haha we're indie students weyh!!!whatever,i gotta do stuff like cuci baju,its not that bad..
i only send it to the laundry if its the shirt that i sayang...adoi..gotta go dah...class will be starting at 4.00 pm till later u guys...holla holla holla backk backk!!!and yeah, if i got my own laptop hell yeah imma write a lot...later!

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no short pants.rude!