Sunday, June 8, 2008

That Mafioso Nite, and that normal day which is today and..

Tampak chun!

no not a musllim..okaiii.

Im not sweaty,its the effect shit..and thats alia aka eva mendez.haha

Hey Ho...whatsup pals..cousins..mamas...whoever you are..
Anyway,yeah im writin,after reading naim's blog i feel like i need to write somethin
so here i am...typing...horny thoughts are rushing in my brain but i try to ignore it
by writing blog..good job zarif..good job..anyway,where did i go?oh i know that question always pop up in your mind...those guys and gals who read my shit...awww, u all mishhyy busshhiii eh?awww...hahah fokin aye,i feel gay...hahah..but anyway,yeah.
2 weeks vacation,for the school kids it is a vacation but to me,i've been chillin for like 4 or 5 dats kids..go to school weyh..
dont do drugs...anyway, i went to cousin's..chill there for about 2 weeks eh?damn lama was hell lotta fun...then balik2 perlis tu i miss them..oh u guys..take care and i always love u my cousins(Maryam,Aliad,Nur,DAnia,Matyn)and yeah thanks auntie sabby and uc hussain...oh...but ok, back to in perlis dah...last friday which is 3.6.2008 was naim's bday..then me and my camaradas will be celebrating it tomorrow nite..all dudes..gangsta theme, i mean sum american gangster shit...wines...and of course...roc boys as our theme song..celebrating it in a cafe aka Mai Cafe..that shiet is decent!but yeah, we'll snap some photos and whatnot...anyway jus now naim was like...weyh jom pi snap pic dekat track jogging tu..and i was lik.....what the f...snapping...-_-'..umm i aint a model..or the sahaja or whatever they call hatin man, its just to me that i prefer we go to a spot..somebody take out a camera and snap lah.. but anyway here are some pics while i was in kl...haha i dah taw camana nak letak pics okaiiii......F...HURUF BESAR F!!!! eh...dah boley upload lah..hahah umm sorry...ok enjoy them pics lah sayal...and that last pic tu im wearing my stretchy pants...they are way way way comfy seyh...thanks nur!! pic in that stretchy pants mcm agak nude where the need to explain..sorry for dat...-_-


naim said...

huahuahua....jom pi jogging? in black tomorrow nite
and we gonna be like most wanted kids in town!! if u want me to open a can. make a toast. holding a cakeor whatever..gimme a hell yeah..HELL YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said... bongcu...

Ed.alfirdaus said...

salam..daymn!!pe kes jd gay??seluar mana kau curi??baggy and straight cut for life dude,but ketat2 camtuh..hahaha,not gewd for ur mr goat..hahaha