Wednesday, June 11, 2008

48 hours after mafioso nite and what the hell happened today

Yo whadup,first of all....ITS A CELEBRATION BEACHES......

yeah, that nite, the dinner, it was dope!

people lookin at us no doubt...hahha cam confirm sudah..hahah

but it was fun man, the food was decent,the wine was gonna miss that nite..

Don,Ammar,Naim, i love u guys camaradas!!damn we're dope!ahha

Anyway today went out with Yana then went to Don's, wanted to record shiet but nah...

hhhaha,went out...damn, my 1st bru went to kl..damn, we're going different ways dah gonna miss u man...not homo eventho ur a homo...all the things we had,all the things we shared..hahahah now thats gay..hahahh...take care weyh..the triniti will be in kl fo sure!!

so thats it...and above wud be the mafioso nite pics...enjoy....

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