Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday yg agak seronok.yey!!

Heylow, today i woke up at 9.30..subuh?-_-...blame my phone la the damn alarm didnt help me at all..The tone was Necrotura-COT,it was suppose to be something heavy that would wake anyone but damn it,it didnt wake me up..curse u phone!!Today i helped my mom wash the dish cause bibik balik ke indon sudah...gua pulak kena buat sudah..ahah,boley la its not that hard..but i hate hanging clothes tho!!!it sucks big time...not small time big time...whatever,i didnt have to do dat today..lunch i had beef stew, feels like im in prison...just rice and soup,but bersyukur la dow, org len ada yg makan rumput...gua makan tu pon chun gak la..huhu..yea, went to don's house and it was decent and metal as hell!!Naquib really knows how to play his guitar, he was sick as fook...f double o k...fook..damn, he got my eyes filled with tears of joy when he hit that distortion shit....ay!!not gay shit, its the guitar that makes my eyes filled with tears of joy.Sumpah it was sick!!So we talked business just now, he'll be working in my ep,i mean the whole thing will be Black Heavy Metal sick is dat?So, sorry Dment i have to kick you out of my project cause u didnt contribute any shit...hahah nah joking, that fag helped me a lot, drums and shit..rite my man?yeah, later i'll belanja u bacardi kay?or cogniac?up to u la, i tot ur a muslim?hahah jokin man,anyway after sum eyes filled with water shit we went to grab some food, naquib drove the car, the burger was decent!!terbaik fo sure...and yeah, dment went to 7 11 then he wanted to grab a Mars, mamat cashier dah tag dah, then dment cancel cause hes out of money, and then that mamat was like...-_-..geleng kepala...f u la cashier...dah tak jadi bli tak payah la buat muka, lempang kot!!hahaha dment, went out of the shop was a gay kinda smile...we ate a don's then went home...then i went out again to meet irwan at mamak, then don was there too...we talked then went to top up...irwan found rm 50 in his room so he used that money to buy a sony ericsson speaker cost bout 50!!!hahaha,then home again, i mandi pukul 1.30am just now, damn cold!!but whatever, im fresh dah...haha ok la, later,im hoping for more metal shit tomorrow so holler...

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