Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh YEAH!!!Acoustic!!!

Whadup u guys, because of last nite, i woke up today about 12.00 pm, damnit, that was my first time waking up at time like undiscipline..hahah..When i woke up there was only Izat, Irwan???HE went home early about 10.00 i guess, he said his father wanted his help and shit so he had to go...Anyway today, luckily Aunti Shemah is here, so she again handle all the dirtywork...i can rest!!MWAHAHAHA...After reading reviews about guitars and stuff, i decided to choos Yamaha F310, which is kinda user friendly and thats the only quality guitar in perlis...hahah But yeah, i read reviews bout it and lots of noobs said its good so okay la..About, 3.30 NAquib picked me up, and his friend was there too, we went to Yamaha, talked about this and that and BAM to THe mothafreakin BAm where the BAm would BE the Motha Of the Motha freakin BAm But bam GOt no Motha...okay....sorry...WHat im saying is i bought a guitar, and guitar picks...Thank you God of Rock for choosing me and guiding me to the rock stairs, and yes, I will follow the rock light!!!Man i felt like im a rockstar carrying that bag outside of the shop..hahah..Then We went to the bus station, Naquib's friend bougt his ticket bus and also told us about sumthin...He said that he saw a girl in the bus, scratching her leg...No its not normal cause she puts her leg next to the window(she folded her pants till the knee level, and scratched it like crazy while her leg was like melekat dekat tingkap tuh)-_-....nice move gal...what the hell were u thinkin...but wtf, we all went to Juliana and ate there, im not sure what Juliana edition it was, cause they got like 3 Julianas i guess, so mine prolly the 1st,2nd or 3rd edition..I had Nasi Goreng and milo habuk...they had the same thing except for the drinks they had teh ais,milo ais and limau ais...yeah,add 1 more dude on the table, his name is Apit or sumthin...huhuTHen walked to The Store, saw sum chicks, idk, prolly whore prolly not...who cares...then went to Apit's house, i played my Sayang aka guitar there, yeah they helped me fo sure, caterpillar,chords and shit...u dont know what am i talkin about?then the god of rock doesnt want u..hahah jokin...go la baca2..huhu...neway went home, i started to goreng my sayang, man its fun,caterpillar is cool for a noob..hahah..yeah and Izzat & Irwan were here, chillin as usual....I kept on playing my guitar, practice bru practice...then about 12.00 went out, to grab burger, Irwan went home cause hes a fag..curse u man!!!had burger, then back home keep on practicing..and now here i am..sleepy as f so, holler aite....

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