Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Metal Today!!!DAMNit!!

Im carvin a carcass, im a....hey..sup, sorry u guys, i was so into Circle of Tyrants past few days and weeks. They show me happiness and new ideas...yey!!hehe..Anyway today i woke up about 6.30..u know who woke me up?it was my mom, and yeah you help me too la u damn slow ass alarm phone..but whatever, after smayang i proceed with my hibernation for 2 hours..U know y i woke up at 8.30??my mom aka mimi is the answer...i was sleeping then suddenly, ZARIF!ZARIF!TOLONG ONLINE LAP TOP ABG KAL NAK CALL!..of course la i was like...haaaaa??hmmmm....okayyyyyy..mana lap top??sumpah tak ready doh, letey2 and pagi2 lagi lak tu..huhu but i dont mind, she's my mum..love u mi!!ANyway, yeah irwan!!damn u irwan, mentang2 dapat phone baru kalut nak boh lagu la pa la..U know, after about 10 minutes my mum left la the laptop there, so i proceed with my hibernation process, suddenly Irwan called me, for god sake it's still early in the morning!!!he said, "wey hg dok tido lagi ka?aku nak letak lagu kat phone aku, tapi kalau hg tdo lagi tak kisah la"..then i was like....call me later, kay holler..then again, he text me about 9.00am...9.00 freakin am!!!oh god, am i a robot?he texted me"wey mohd, hang tak bangun lagi ka?bangun2..shit like dat"..i was like, read,drop the phone,hibernate...but wait!!!irwan called me again, then i was like..wtf...u know what, kalau camni bangun terus ja la...hahah..yeah thats what i did..plus i need to go to my school today to take my SPM stuff, and yeah thats what i did..My class mate Ikien picked me and irwan up then we bounce to school..nothin much happened there..We had our lunch at pokok sawa, sumpah terbaik!ikan keli goreng!ayam goreng!mangga dan kacang dan sayur(i forgot the name)!and bandung cincau!!terbaik doh!..okay kenyang then went to deal with my business then straight home..Irwan followed me home, he wanted to transfer songs and shit into his handphone, what a problem child..hahah chill my man!Then after that, i tot today will be another metal day, unfortunately, Don cancel the recording session....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!after that i know sumthing bad will happen,i'll be torment by boredom, but luckily, my bro wanted to cut his hair and i wanted to cut my hair too so yey!!!at least i got something to do kan??and i drove the car just now, how cool kan?tak la, im used to it...maybe noobs would say its fun.....but i gotta admit its fun...okay end of driving story...Mimi,me and Yend arrived home bout 6.30...i smyang asar then terus land, sumpah letey tak tipu!!texted yana then terus tido, bgn ada msg lak, replied, then tdo lagi..haha..tapi tidur anak2..la...bout 7.30 i woke up...makan2, smayang...guess who called me??IRWAN!!!ada saja la dia tu, haih....dis time he said he wanted to chill at my house, i replied its all gudd...and yeah, he came to my house...then bout 10.30,i had a grumble in my belly, i am r. kelly...hahah nah, lapar lak, so me and irwan walked to Bang D kalut's burger, grab special shit and nyum3!!!haha, then i met Wan, my old pal, we chilled,and talked shit,and guess what irwan did?weyh, mai phone hang wan, aku nak transfer lagu sat....-_-....irwan brenti sat, orang len pon ada phone gak...haih...tak habis2 dikwan ni oii!!!whatever la, then we tagged along with wan, he drove us aroung the stadium,tgk2 kot2 ada orang bercumbu kan?..hahaha cam sial...unfortunately,takdak..then went home la..irwan cam sayal, cakap nak land at my house, nak men game hantu sama2..tengok tak jadi...f la...i dont mind la,i hate that game anyway...Then, i called Yana wished her Happy Birthday,she's 18 and getting old...then im blogging sudah...okai thats it..bye2 ya fags!!

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okishimashuji said...

hahahhaa...fock off and die la irwan!!