Friday, March 21, 2008

New Shit, busy day...

Ya yaw, so fags?whats up?hahah, okai,Dis mowning i woke up late, and yeah, its the Maulidur Rasul day so schools are not a school boy, but whatever lah,My dad was like, siap, lets go and have our lunch in Padang Besar, the whole family. We went to Padang Besar the one yang Thailand's side, not the perlis Pdg Besar..On our way there, i was talking to Oyen la bout headsets and shit, the headset that im using now is his which i accidentally almost patahkan the left headphone..I didnt mention anything about it, that shit was hanging so it was like, if you dont know that its almost broken, and you handle it roughly of course it will patah..And, to me its my lucky day,Cause Oyen handled that headphone roughly and patahkan dat thing...mwahahah, so basically its not my fault la, eventho i might be the main cause for making it almost patah but clearly he broke it so it was his fault rite?agree?and yea,i didnt have to pay for dat, cause its not my fault....wahahah..yeay..anyway...The thailand's side got the real shit, i mean food...The soup is heat!!!decent,okok no Ikan Keli,Milo Habuk, or Bandung Cincau buttttt there was my favvy dish! Sayur dan mangga campur kacang aka Yamamuang and not forgetting ayam goreng...thats the shit!!oh yeah, Kailan too...I tambah nasik so, it means that i had about 2 plates of rice...And i end up my meal with Teh Ais, Wuhoooo, shit is my stomach fly with ease..hahah...After all the food, we walked here and there, it was hot, hot chix?no i cant see em...I think the one i saw near the Karaoke place were hookers i guess, and man, those hookers aka grannies are old!!!And one of them even got a tatoo on her breast, i was like...umm,granny go cover yourself and remove that tatoo on that falling boobs...hookers,wtf,get a life lah, go and work somewhere else, how the hell do u guys see urself in the have a son and still ur a hooker...BAD IDEA...and i also saw this dude, he came from the karaoke place i guess, i looked at him and i saw that his fly was unzipped and straight goes to my mind, yeah he got laid just now..ahahah,idk huhu...then me and oyen keep on walking circle around that place, then went to their 7 11 store, it was better than here, the smell was nice, so flowerry..and they got loads of stuff, all you have to do is, go,grab,pay...thats it...I bought a cool lookin pepsi hahah and oyen bought an ice cream...the not fun part was i had to pay for it,abah didnt give him the money...-_-..And here's another fun part, he tot the ice cream was grape but actually its the damn thing ended in the bin...curse you!!!wasting my money!!!then we walked again, i was lookin for a music store and shit, stuff that caught my eyes were hookers,a mom holding her naked baby outdoor!!!what the hell?i saw the baby's asshhooooo....yuck way too disguting to say..i think she let her son shit outdoor..i can tell by the way she holds the baby and i think i saw a few shit on the move lady!Luckily i had my lunch awal2 lagi...After that we went to Padang Besar, the perlis's side...nothing much, i went to this army store kinda like...cant find nothing...Then i went to my dad, he was at this bicycle store and he said something cool..haha...they were talking about bicyles and stuff, its gud cause its an exercise and dad said "Saya skarang boley kayuh 15 kilo, dulu tak boley pon"i was like where did that come from?The dude didnt ask anything bout the boley tak boley part...hahah but it was funny la..hahah..otw home, i was like, i think i want to play guitar and shit, making decisions and stuff and decided yeah, i want to do it!!!After dat that evening, i went to Yamaha music store with my mom...who drove?i drove the car of course...bought a book about chords and shit, then talked to the owner about what guitar shud i get, he said Yamaha, cost bout 300 over, then I seeked for Naquib's help...shud i get it or not?he said prolly the dude want to chong me, so later i'll go with him then we'll see whatsup...hey da damn battery is getting low la, damn curse u battery...i think dis is it....wait i'll ringkaskan the whole thing....drove the car,home,eat,blog,now sleep..wuwuw bye2 niggas!!

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