Thursday, March 20, 2008

I hate driving...

Today.... broke a need to know, didnt smayng subuh...-_- BAD ZARIF!!Mimi woke me up, about 6.50, i went to the toilet, kencing then terus sambung tido...umm but anyway lets talk about sumthing else,i woke up balik about9.30 am, Mimi asked me to drive her to Repoh,Arau and shit...She got to run her errands and im the driver...illegal driver,but i can drive lah..Yeah Irwan was there too no question..But before all the driving shit, My dad ajak we all makan at POKOK SAWA!!!Like always i went there,I grab my FAVVY Ikan Keli Goreng(sumpah tak tipu ianya terbaik),Ayam goreng(chunnest!!) and mangga dan kacang aka Yamamuang...hahah i know its a dumb name, actually i tot i was just a joke,cause my bro always tell lots of stupid yet funny names,so i tot Yamamuang was one of them jokes lah, tengok2 ada betoi.. -_- ...apa2 long as it is sedap i'll bite...n of course bandung mix cincau...hoi!!!lapar doh thinkin bout all dis food malam2 ni...haih..But anyway yeah, we had our lunch there, Abah,mimi,and abah's friend and irwan...My Dad was talking to irwan, complaining about Irwan's dad not cooking and stuff...ummm Abah, when did you cook for us?that question popped in my head....hahah no la, he did cooked for us haritu..but whatever it was all fun and jokes..After eating and stuff, i wanted to pick up don but he didnt mandi lagi, so its cool Dment got grounded,hahah dude i tot ur a Demon, how the hell can u get grounded??thats a big question..Proceed the day chilling wit my dad and his friend and mimi and Irwan..i helped him photostat his ic,then post a letter for my mom then straight home.And then we all went home, I tot irwan takdak rumah tengok2 dia cakap dia nak balik rumah dah, dia cakap dia letih..hahah..chill bro...lawk ja..yea he did went home...So there were me and mimi, like i said before, i helped my mom driving her from here to there...i said i hate driving, but deeply nah, i love driving..its just that its testing me...hahah whatever lah, after all the errands,i went to Don's,plan nak record the guitar part and shit, but the Amp is not with Naquib so hopefully sangat2 tomorrow morning jadi la record..i miss that metal shit..hehe..Instead of recording just now, we went to Naquib's friend punya burger stall, me and don had 2 special meaty burger, it was the shit!!!i drank MILO HABUK...eplain please?sure...MILO HABUK is milo with the milo's habuk on top of it..U buat a glass of Milo and sprinkle the Milo's habuk on top of the drink, its decent yo!!Don?well no need to ask, like always he had his Cogniac, 2 shots rite my man?hahaha,nah just ice lemon tea...Then chilled there agak lama la, Don was talking to me about this school girl(she was there)damn fag keep asking me why i dont like her, i told him la, dia tak menepati cita rasa yg i want...hahah then i asked him lak, what about u?then ya la, then shit head talked shit..hahaha...after then went home, i slept after smayang isyak then irwan came...heran doh, setiap kali aku bangun mesti irwan dok buat kacau..haih...irwan oi!!!haha..Pastu yeah he came, talk dis and dat,Yana called, irwan buat ramai cam sayal, then dia i guess thats it..holler at cha boi!

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okishimashuji said...

demon got grounded by because of tommorow we're gonna celebrating maulidur rasul..hey! SELAMAT MAULIDUR RASUL...guess what? don is a catholic..hahaha...kidding!! again..
he got grouded like we're having ramadhan..hahau know it rite?
by the way, u keep mention about u nigga-wannabees dude..haha that's sound homo la zaf..
damn u are a good writer...
shit..i should writing a blog..