Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hari sabtu yg muram...-_-

SUp sup sup today i woke up kol 7.30, tak kisah i went to take my wuduk terus smayang subuh sebab pass 2 days i tinggal dah subuh 2 kali..huhu..anyway today yana,ain,irwan and i planned to go to uitm to checkout some courses and shit. But as usual,Yana was late lik 1 hour!!!cakap kol 11 tba2 kol 12 baru sampai...-_-..anyway irwan didnt tag along wit us cause he didnt mandi so i was like.....ooookkaayyyy cam the 3 of us went there...yea 1 more thing i shaved this morning, i used to look like a cool bear with hairy face and shit but yeah i shaved just now but still i look cool kan?kan?..haha...anyway the 3 of us went there check this and that out.I went to the law section, i was talking to this "teacher" about law and shit, she was lik yea but u need 5 a’s then it will be easier for u to study in law..sure whatever, i hate law since i got 4 a’s ja!!haha..then i went dkt yana and ain talk bout dis n dat then yana went to do her mass com thing i i was talking mengarut ngan ain, nak pi oversea la apa la..hahah ...nothing much la, and yea there was this kakak selling donuts and chocolates and flowers..she called her donuts "donat kasih sayang"...u know y?cause that donut is big and u can share it, and when u share it, it means kasih sayang...okayyy i guess...-_-...then went home la,i notice Yana didnt drove crazy fast jus now...thank u god!!hahah kidding...then im home, after dat went to don’s house, we were talking bout my metal beats..since im a black heavy metalist...thats my new genre he said its hard to sample guitar la pa la..naquib mai skali cakp he’ll play for me!!!hahah cool!!so tomorrow we’ll be talking business...anyway after dat ismail,balik rumah,buat logo triniti(im getting lazy dah cause i typed lots of shit dah)...nite nite.bye...later

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