Saturday, March 22, 2008

AY yo whadup you guys, man, its 4.05 am rite now man, and im still up here writin my blog and shit..For who?for the sake of you guys lah, so thoes yg baca yeah ya'll the best, love u all..haha..Anyway today was different, i woke up and started to clean the house and shit, normal stuff lah, making the bed,washing dishes and lain2..Lunch was okay, luckily there was daging bakar, so instead of eating yesterday's Asam pedas which looked pretty messed up...yeah, my mom asked me to reheat the thing so thats what i did, but when i scoop the thing it was slimy, idk whether its me or the asam pedas...Because of me not sure whats up with the asam pedas, i didnt touch it, i had Daging BAkar and sambal, irwan made it..haha Yeah!!My boi!!Anyway after dat when to masjid, hari jumaat doh, and then back home..Man i forgot, Just now i drove back home from masjid and yes abah was rite beside me just now..He tested me and gave me a B..okaii, i think i shud get A for that cause i can drive better than him...dont believe me?well, last time my dad ran over a kitten and he was like "ish, kesian la kucing tu..."i was like....haaaaa...
But whatever, then back home, checkout some guitar vids, im getting the flow, all i need is Naquib to show me which shit shud i get and BAM grab me self a guitar...About 6, my parents pushed off to Penang, kenduri stuff, u know la oldies..hahah..I went to Mamak, had my dinner so this time it was Mamak Style la...My combination wud be Ayam Goreng,Telur Rebus and papedom!!hahah yeah, dis time kena makan nasik harga practical dan ekonomi la since parents takdak and hell now im not using my money okaii...hahahyeah not forgetting teh ais..manis doh...THen i went to Don's house, checkout some beats and shit,he also wanted to show me a magic trick,he took a fly and put it in the freezer, then he took it out....and thats a fag..anyway he's moving out prolly tomorrow...why?its the bitch ass politics of course, its gonna be hard to chill and record..haih....gonna miss u bru.. its not the gay way la damnit...Anyway, walked home alone about 10.00, headin to my house,Irwan and Izzat were there, They'll be crashing at my house.. its the dudes time....When the girls are away the boys play....hahahhahaha damn sumpah gay!!!dats like a porno movie title or sumthing..hahah shit...NAh we talked about ghost stories and shit, really freaked me out...anyway its getting late doh, now dah 4.20 am....haih so later la u guys...holler!!!

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